Mayson ESM50



Mayson (ESM50) Elementary Series marquis model, spruce and rosewood, satin finish, with gigbag

The Mayson Elementary Series ESM50 is a beautiful and warm sounding guitar. The rosewood sides and back provide a solid bass, warm mids and sparkling highs. The solid spruce top is responsible for the a solid tone and will even mature over time. The new bracing pattern is designed with the utmost attention to detail, giving it an accessible and loud sound that will please most guitarists, beginners or more advanced.

The new neck design ensures a very comfortable playability for many years to come.

The marquis shape is responsible for a direct and quick response, the new bracing pattern adds a lot of warmth and accessibility to that.

The satin finish is hand rubbed to a smooth, deep, satin sheen, giving the Elementary Series guitars an understated classy and natural look. The wooden bindings are adding to this look.